Guiding you from the lead to the opportunity.

Continuous support during every step of the way.


Working hand in hand

Strategically planned
Tactically perfect

Successful every step of the way

The strain on your sales resources will be relieved, allowing for more efficient channeling of these resources. You run optimal marketing tactics geared to your sales goals and you gain more time for the top-projects in your forecast. Additional benefits are increased efficiency of your sales team through more intensive customer relations and shortened sales cycles with precise actions.

Campaignery supports you during steps of the Sales process: lead generation, lead qualification, building relations with your prospects, development of customer loyalty during post-sales.

Take individual actions that help you move forward. Instead of using standard tools, we develop and outline customized programs and clearly defined individual projects in the following areas:

 Relationship management with your prospects
 Customer reference programs
 Targeted campaigns for lead generation and measurement of customer loyalty
 Customer data bases / sales force automation / customer relationship management